Monday, 2 January 2012

2012? Here I come!

Now, I have a personal... um, how do I word this? Fear of? Respect for? Hesitation against? I think that fits best... I have a personal hesitation against New Year's resolutions. I think, for me personally, it allows me to have a large window in which to "fail" and then a (usually) large window of time to maintain the bad habits as New Years is not always around the corner..... Also, coming off of a month of over-eating, socializing and other partying, it's pretty hard to slam those gastrointestinal brakes on without a big dose of tummy "whiplash".

Instead, I like to set monthly goals, so I have no excuse if I mess up, not to get back on the horse for the remaining days in the month and if that fails, set new goals the next month and I am never more than 31 days into badness..... The only problem? I am weak... very weak haha! I'm actually quite surprised that I've lasted 6 months into my sewing vow but blogging and public declaration are a great motivator...

I love to eat, laze around and like exercise only in a team or group environment.... the exceptions being hiking with Fu and snowboarding!

However, 2011 was a big year and since I was given the opportunity to start afresh and anew, I have set some goals for January and the quarter.

  1. Get my Australian taxes finished and cancel anything outstanding.
  2. Get in shape! This will be pushed by the fact I have talked my workplace into doing the Vancouver Sun Run with me. Seemed like a good idea at the time... LOL! However, the sight of my thighs has made me slightly ill to my stomach so onwards and upwards!
  3. Try to go with the flow more whilst getting more done (I know, truly easy this one! NOT!)
  4. Take some time to do more creative photography.
  5. Take some time to enjoy the outdoors more. This ties in with my photography....
  6. Try to get to bed earlier and consequently, up earlier.....
Sewing and craft
  1. Use that bloody stash up! Seriously, I have some beautiful fabrics and I am determined to only use my stash for the next 12 months, unless I seriously put a dent in it. However, I do draw the line at using an inappropriate fabric for the sake of it. Do I build into this one a few exceptions rule?
  2. Try techniques that scare the living daylights out of me! This includes buttons, zippers and other fasteners....
  3. Improve my technical skills! I was given the Colette Handbook for Christmas and I fully intend to use it. I've also joined a sewing guild for inspiration and a kick up the bum!
  4. No more patterns! This is pretty self explanatory.....
  5. Try to finish outstanding projects first.... There's a baby blanket in this one.... Due June!
  1. Get a new domain and website for my make-up work.
  2. Get business cards and registered so I can get back into weddings.
  3. Work on my technical skills and find a good base for inspiration.
I'll try and elaborate on these more over the coming days with pictures of how to accomplish them but as I have just woken up at 5am for no reason, I'm still in bed and blogging....

Good morning everyone!


  1. hey hun, I was wonderful where you were as I haven't herd much.. How is your list above going??
    You can tie your photography and make up with your sewing...

    since I started my MBA my sleeping patterns gone crazy, go to bed at 4 am and be up by 11 am... really bad when I have early class or my intention to go to gym classes.. I can go to very light ones now so hopefully i can stop making so many sweets and get fit....

  2. I don't comment too often on posts either. Thank you for yours though. Super long hair is kind of a turn off for me too. I had it down to my waist at one point and I thought it looked pretty good but really not worth all the extra effort. Shorter hair is more versatile so I keep it around my shoulders mostly. Although I did grow it out a few years ago to donate to Locks of Love. But I probably wont be doing that again. Too much gray in it now!