Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 in review.....

Well hello there! I didn't see you from way up in 2012 lol!

I thought I'd have a look at 2011 in review for me, albeit only 6 months of it was related to sewing.

It's been a big year, in a lot of ways. I finished both my degree and my make-up qualifications in December 2010 so this was the first year in forever that I had no scholastic endeavours. To fill the time, I decided on June 28th to start sewing again and not purchase any clothing for 12 months.

Now how did that go? Surprisingly well! I'm actually quite shocked and it does take me reminding myself, as I work in a mall, to walk away Renee.... That being said, I did add a couple of items that I couldn't make and really needed. What are these? Dress pants, 3 warm sweaters and a couple cotton long-sleeved tees after my move back to Canada aka The Great White North!

The other massive event this year was the above mentioned return to my roots, Vancouver, permanently. I did bring my beloved fur-child with me and I've not looked back. I'm having a great time, enjoying being me, catching up with friends, and just being Canadian again! Yes I proudly admit an addiction to Tim Hortons, root beer and snow. I do like ice hockey but I think that being away for so long has weaned me but I'm sure that will improve :)

In review, in 6 months of sewing, I think I did alright. I had a quick look and tallied up:
9 dresses
3 tops
3 sets of adult onsies (pjs)
1 child's dress
1 dolls dress
3 scarves
3 bags
and a few UFO's that we're not going to talk about....

Whilst not ridiculously impressed with my efforts, I must admit that I have to put it into perspective, and that is that I had a major life change 3 months into my sewing vow and didn't sew again afterwards due to lack of sew-jo and lack of supplies (they were on a boat floating merrily across the ocean...)

I have some plans to start again this week and have just organized my stash into my closet and... wow! I have a new vow I think....

I, Amber Elayne Crombach, do solemnly swear to use my stash as my FIRST place of choice for future projects.

I am actually seriously afraid to tally the meterage and will just ignore that aspect for now..... Suffice to say, I'm truly fine to sew anything I wish.... from what's in my closet.... hahaha!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year! I am perpetually resolving to sew down my stash. If you discover any tricks please share!

  2. Happy New Year back! The only trick I can think of is to avoid fabric stores..... lol! And the internet!

  3. That is an impressive list of accomplishments from last year - just discovered your site - off to have a peek around...