Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Purpose? Salmon have the answer....

Hello again!

As you may know, I’ve moved back to Canada and have had the pleasure of walking my beloved Schnookie through the park down the street, Bear Creek Park. In my years here, I have never seen a bear but there are a millions squirrels, beavers (apparently, although I only see their dams), birds and salmon. Yes salmon!

This creek is so shallow that when we were kids, we’d try and swim in it but we could always touch, even in the deepest parts and the bulk was ankle to knee deep. However, this creek houses an incredible salmon population that is currently spawning. They were a beautiful bright red and to see them making their journey upstream was quite lovely.

However, as you may or may not know, a salmon’s spawning is also a death sentence as the moment they do their “duty” they slowly start to die, having used all their energy to get to their spawning beds (incidentally, salmon all spawn where they were hatched – useless fact!). Their beautiful colour fades, their scales turn grey like concrete, then white and then they wash up along the edges. It’s very sad but on the other side, there are millions of little salmon eggs waiting for the spring to hatch and carry on the tradition.

Now, why am I educating you on salmon? Well, today I was walking the dog, looked over the bridge side and saw red salmon doing their mating swim (behind closed doors and in privacy, of course), others who had already spawned and the bodies of those long gone (privately, cannot wait for the rotting stage – ew!) but it made me think of us humans.

When I wasn’t working, time seemed surreal and other than cleaning and such, it seems like you don’t always have a purpose and I personally believe, that if you don’t have something to keep yourself going: hobby, education or such, you slowly start to die yourself. After I finished my degree, I took up sewing again because I really started to feel useless and “old” and boring.

Think of those who retire and all of a sudden seem “old” overnight. Is it the lack of purpose? In reality, we are animals and animals don’t “retire” in the wild. When they do, they get picked off or die. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people should work until they do die, but having a purpose, whether hobbies, volunteering, grandkids or travel, certainly seems to help the “old” stay “young”!

I think it’s all about balance and appreciating life and the little lessons that are presented. Just because you are “getting on”, does not mean you are old!!!! Case in point, there is this lovely retired couple who walk their dog everyday in the same park. Their beloved Princess is a 15 year old border collie cross who can no longer make the walks. Does this mean that no one walks? Hell NO! They walk and pull Princess in her little wagon so she can enjoy the outdoors, her humans enjoy walking her and they still have something to keep them going!

So make sure you have something keeping you going peoples!!!!!! Even if it’s something little. As long as you are passionate about it, DO IT!!!!


  1. Great post. I agree. When I had to be bed bound for months I took knitting then sewing... Purpose makes get on during difficult times...

  2. It truly does, doesn't it! It also, in my opinion, helps you to put things in perspective about what to worry about and what is not, because you're too busy to obsess!