Monday, 26 December 2011

Handmade gifts!

Hello holiday revellers!

I hope this post finds you well with full bellies and holiday cheer!

As you know, I moved back to the Great White North (although right now it's totally not!) but am working seasonal retail at a rather normal wage... thus Christmas has been a bit tight.... So I decided to me-make a portion of gifts! And of course, forgot my pictures!!!! AGAIN!!!

But here's a list:
  • An extra-long scarf for my extra-tall brother (done 5 times, 3 times as a cable knit but it was just too stiff, and 2 times as another pattern..... I need to not be a perfectionist!!!)
  • 3 adult grocery bags and 1 toddler sized for BFF, aunt, brother, and niece (again, with much unravelling....)
  • A cowl for my BFF (made twice... changed needle size to a bigger one)
  • Doll dress for my niece (1st try Woot woot!)
  • Most of a cowl for my mom (ok this one failed but only because I finished it and then unravelled it as it wasn't perfect enough)
Although I only gave a limited number of gifts, the amount of work was ridiculous because I fail to check as I go... and apparently fail to learn from mistakes!!!! Ha ha ha!

So I didn't get to finishing the cowl for Mom, making her a top (this is because the pattern still hasn't arrived......), and a dress for my niece (pattern arrived 2 days before Christmas but I was working and I had bought her something else). I'll finish the cowl as an I-love-you gift, the top will be for her birthday soon, and the dress because I'm an awesome Auntie and I can give gifts whenever I want! I refuse to think of them as UFOs.... LOL!

And now, with my full belly, I'm off to bed to sleep and digest before I leave for work at a ridiculously early hour for a full day of Boxing Day shoppers!



  1. Ah, you worked so hard and put a lot of love into your gifts, Amber Elayne -- that's the spirit, right? I hope you have a good Boxing Day, and the shoppers are not too crazy! Happy holidays to you,


  2. Thanks Patti!

    My tension fingers is suffering some serious over-use injuries and I forgot to add I'm making my brother a shirt because he's tall and lean and they never fit but the pattern in en route! I've actually declared a short hiatus from crochet to recover but my BFF is pregnant and a baby blanket must be made!!!!! LOL

    I hope you had a great holiday season!


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