Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Birthday present for my bestie!!!!!

Hello again!!

Now, I’m really sure I’ve mentioned my “pezzant” status and in my family, in the months of October through December are more than a dozen birthdays of close family members, my dog and friends…. Yes you heard me right, more than a dozen! And then Christmas!!!! I don’t have that many over the remaining 9 months!!!!!!! And now I am poor money-wise only. I am rich beyond belief in other things, like love.

But love doesn’t bottle well so I’ve decided to “bottle” it in the form of handmade gifts. This is hard because of the time factor and the nosy-mother factor. LOL!

My best friend’s birthday was last weekend. She is very eco-conscious and yet quite urban. She’s also not inclined to buy herself pretty things and because I’ve been away, don’t know her as well as I did (but I will again!). I wanted to make her a bamboo scarf because of the sustainability factor and it is so very lovely to touch! I lured her into the local yarn store and lamented over choices for my aunt who is allergic to non-natural fibres and basically got her to pick the yarn…. Yes I’m sneaky!

She then decided to pull out her needles and knit a scarf for her daughter after my inspiration (yay!) and mentioned thinking about a scarf with a built in loop so it’s not so long…. And then I had my pattern! YES!

The pattern was a free one from Bernat called the Quick Crochet Scarf. It was quick but it looked great! I did leave the bottom trim off because it looked a bit Nanna to me, for her. Also, I’m wondering if the folks at Bernat didn’t like it either because they cut it out of the photo!!!!! Now the colour is a beautiful sage/grey bamboo with a thin shiny fibre through it. It looks gorgeous and feels even better! She loves it and has received many compliments as well.

And I added a beautiful bubble bath from work and put it all in a handmade, crocheted eco-bag in hot pink! I love these bags! I got the pattern off of Ravelry but they will be the subject of another post as I have a few variations to show!!!!! So excited! Everyone is getting one!

And my lovely Mommy pops threw in a couple of knitted dish clothes that she had made as well and I picked two colours that suited the eco-bag and we were set.

And what did we do? Well, we had sushi, ate the cupcakes that I will post the recipe for tomorrow and then hired a private karaoke room and sang our hearts out (and voices out)…. What a great night!

“If you think I’m sexy, and you want my body, come on Baby, let me know……..”

Yes we got her husband to sing this for us! So good!


  1. What a great gift package! And I love the idea of a private karaoke room.

  2. It was great because you could get silly without the public judgement!